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Mr. Schmidt has led or participated in home Bible studies over the past several years in California and Colorado, also coupled with occasional mid week speaking engagements at Bible Churches in northern California and southern Colorado he has continued the work of authoring a book on the eroding spiritual conditions and false teachers of the church in the last days: “Not Afraid To Tell The Truth” is a description of the apostate spiritual condition he describes as the Laodicean Church of the last days, in the closing period of this present age, the age of Grace, or the Church age.

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Ordained Minister, Veteran USAF, Writer, and Speaker
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Host of LTM Podcast
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Writer of Living Truth Newsletter
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Married to Kathyrn Schmidt
About Ken

My story

Ken has had a wide range of experience in AM & FM Radio broadcasting in California and Colorado. He continues to provide part time consulting to Christian Radio Broadcasters on Radio broadcasting formats and program development. He was the founder of Clear Channel Communications Corporation of Colorado in 1985.

He is an experienced Speaker, Bible Teacher, USAF Veteran. His beginnings in Christian Education came through the Conservative Baptist disciplines after he received Jesus Christ as his Saviour in the fall of 1969. Ken later graduated from Central California Bible Institute at Los Altos in June 1976.

About my work

In his own words Mr. Schmidt describes himself as a member of the Body of Christ by faith in Jesus Christ and the fact of spiritual re-birth through the redemption of Christ’s blood and the forgiveness of sins. (Rom 3:24,25)  Simply stated however is the fact that he is a traditional, not contemporary, dispensationalist. As a heaven-positioned member of the Body of Jesus Christ, his primary theology is Pauline-based, not that of Jesus' pre-cross ministry to Israel.

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The objective of Living Truth Ministry is to teach the Believer to apply the Word of God to all of life's circumstances, with a dispensational emphasis.

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